Why canned cat food?

Why canned cat food? There are many reasons that you should feed your cat a diet of canned cat food. One of the most important reasons is that most canned cat foods have moisture compared to dry cat food and water is very important for your cat. Canned cat food is also low in carbohydrates which are beneficial especially for those felines that have bladder problems, feline diabetes, and many other health issues. Canned cat food also helps fight feline obesity which is a huge problem for the domesticated cat.

cute cat     It’s not good to just keep a bowl of dry cat food out all day long.  It was once thought that dry cat food helps prevent dental disease problems, but it was found that cats will not significantly improve your cat’s dental health issues. The only kind of dry cat food that does help a little in preventing dental disease in your cat are those cat foods that are specific in preventing those issues and have the seal from the VOHC: Veterinary Oral Health Council. So, why have your cat on canned cat food? Because it is much more healthy for them and will prevent future problems from occurring in most cats.

Your cat is genetically predisposed to eating meat and requires meat because they are carnivores and that means they should be eating meat and not dry cat processed cat food. It may be cheaper to just put a bowl of dry food out for your favorite little feline, but it could lead to your cat becoming ill and why would you want that?

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