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Why canned cat food?

Why canned cat food? There are many reasons that you should feed your cat a diet of canned cat food. One of the most important reasons is that most canned cat foods have moisture compared to dry cat food and water is very important for your cat. Canned cat food is also low in carbohydrates

What Is Feline Diabetes?

[AdSense-A] What is feline diabetes? If you are reading this then you might be in panic, not know what to do because your vet just told you that you cat has feline diabetes. I know what you are going through because that was what my cat had. The first thing that you must do is

Signs of Cat Diabetes

[AdSense-A] Some common signs of cat diabetes are: When a physical examination occurs with cats that have feline  diabetes from early on may reveal the cat to being dehydrated, have weight loss, dull coat, cataracts, abdominal pain, and a sweet odor may be present of the cat’s breath. Some cats may show symptoms of neuropathy.