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What about dry cat food?

What about dry cat food? Probably the cheapest and easiest way to feed your cat is feeding them dry cat food. However, it is not the healthiest way. Many cats will pick at the dry cat food all day long and start to gain more and more weight, and when that happens your cat may

What about Semi-moist Cat Foods?

What about Semi-moist Cat Foods? Semi-moist cat foods come in deal pouches which are processed with a higher amount of carbohydrates and magnesium. There have been studies suggesting that if your cat gets a higher amount of magnesium it could cause your cat to have urinary issues. These semi-moist cat foods have a lot of

The Quality of Cat Food Matters

The quality of cat food matters for your cats overall health. If you don’t know how good your cat food is it’s a good idea to check the first ingredient on the can. You need to make sure that the first ingredient of your cat canned food is either a meat or a fish then

How Often Should You Feed Your Cat?

How often should the pet owner feed their cat? There are two types of feeding, free feeding which is just putting down a bowl of dry food and letting your cat eat whenever he or she wants during the course of the day or something called meal feeding. We at recommend meal feeding. This

What Is The Catkin’s Diet?

What is the Catkin’s Diet? The Catkin’s Diet is a diet that gets rid of all carbohydrate foods, meaning most dry cat food. Your cat is a carnivore and should be eating a high protein low carb diet. A lot of the canned cat foods out there generally meet this requirement. When feeding your cat

How Often Should You Feed Your Cat?

[AdSense-A] How Often Should You Feed Your Cat? How often should you feed your cat depends upon the health, age, and well being of your favorite feline. If you feed your cat the wrong kind of cat food it could affect his overall health. If you feed him too much food then he could become

What’s a Raw Cat Diet?

[AdSense-A] What’s a Raw Cat Diet? It maybe a carnivore diet but it is not the Catkins Diet by our definition. We focus on meals that you can get from cat food cans because it is the quickest and cheapest method of feeding your cat a more healthy diet that does not contain dry processed