Catkins Diet And Insulin Glargine Cause High Remissions In Diabetic Cats

Catkins Diet (high Protein, Low Carb Diet) And Insulin Glargine Cause High Remission In Diabetic Cats

After being treated with the insulin Glargine along with the Catkins Diet (High Protein, low Carbohydrate Diet) a group of 6 diabetic cats went into remission within 4 months of beginning the treatment.  Also 5 of the cats went into remission within a month. According to the report only one cat required an increase in insulin dose. It was also determined that none of the cats slipped into a clinical hypoglycemia with the Glargine insulin.


The insulin Glargine is synthetic insulin for humans and it is long acting. It was determined to be okay for cats to use and this was the first report of its use in these cats with diabetes.

catkins diet feline diabetesThis is good news and proves that with the help of the Catkins Diet and the newer insulin that came out, Glargine, it shows that your cat has a real great chance of going into remission.

Another study found that remission from feline diabetes during the first month of therapy found that it was between 25 to 50 percent. It was also seen that diabetic remission was higher in older cats and also those cats that had normal cholesterol levels. So, these results show that the initial intravenous insulin therapy does in fact help and have positive effects on the rates of remission and the quality of control.

There is good news here for those that are not willing to go the way of using insulin for their cat. If you do both, a high protein, low carb diet, Catkins Diet, and if needed as told by your vet, insulin injections, make sure to do both and to monitor your cat and doing exactly as instructed. In no time, your cat should begin to feel better and be his old self once again. It might be hard to change the way you use to deal with your cat, like putting dry food out in the morning and letting him just eat whenever he wanted, or not having to inject your cat with a meter and needle every day, but it is worth it in the long run and you will have you cat here for a long time. If you have questions about the proper way to inject insulin make sure that you ask your vet because if you get it wrong then it can really harm your cat. We will have more about insulin and different kinds of products later.

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