What Is The Catkin’s Diet?

What is the Catkin’s Diet?

The Catkin’s Diet is a diet that gets rid of all carbohydrate foods, meaning most dry cat food. Your cat is a carnivore and should be eating a high protein low carb diet. A lot of the canned cat foods out there generally meet this requirement. When feeding your cat you should make sure to avoid all foods that contain corn starch and rice because they have a higher glycemic index.  A lot of veterinarians recommend the cat food Purina DM but if it is too expensive or that your cat simply won’t eat it then the best alternative cat food would be Fancy Feast. These cat foods have a higher protein and fat and less carbohydrates.

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Which canned cat food should you get will depend on the brand. A rule of thumb should be to stay away from all dry cat food. It may be easier to just pour some of the dry cat food into a bowl and let your animal leisurely feast on it throughout the day, but it is causing many issues, including dehydration. Your cat should be eating canned cat food.

According to many veterinarians cats should be fed about 300Kcal/Kg/day, (300 calories a day) for it to maintain an ideal body weight and if your cat really needs to lose weight you should feed him or her about 1/3 less cat food to reduce his weight.

You should also divide up the can of cat food and feed your cat twice a day, once in the morning and then in the evening. Your cat will most likely eat all of the food in the can but sometimes they will not finish.

For those cats that are having health issues such as feline diabetes, then make sure to consult your veterinarian and they will instruct you on what to do next and whether your cat may need insulin. If your cat requires insulin, make sure to follow the directions from your vet, because if you inject too much or too little insulin into your cat it could be deadly.

If your cat is overweight, by simply stopping the delivery of dry food into your cat and replacing it with high protein canned cat food, your cat will start to shed the pounds.

If your cat is overweight or at a normal weight, by keeping your cat on a canned cat food diet their body composition will tend to be ideal regardless if your cat was larger or smaller.

So what is the Catkin’s Diet? It is getting rid of all of the treats and dry food in the house and having your cat eat the canned cat food and also making sure that your cat gets the proper amount during the day. But to add just one more thing to the Catkin’s Diet, your cat should get enough exercise. Make sure to play with your cat every day. Your cat needs exercise especially if they are trying to lose weight. (But, if your cat is ill, like having feline diabetes, make sure to consult with your local veterinarian to see if your cat is able to exercise. If your cat is ill and suffering, you don’t want to put any more strain on them.)

When your cat has feline diabetes and your introduce the Catkins Diet to him or her, your cat will have a better chance of getting better and feeling better according to many studies. Some cats even got to the point that they didn’t need insulin anymore. In one study 81 percent of the cats on this low carb diet were better regulated after the study. Also, 32 percent of the cats in that study who were on the Catkins Diet, low carb diet, still needed insulin and 100 percent of the cats were better regulated. This study also had 60 percent of these cats stayed off of insulin for more than a year. The study compared the Catkins, low carb diet, to what they use to recommend cats that had feline diabetes, a high fiber diet and found that those cats on a low carb diet did much better and that these cats were 3 to 4 times more likely to discontinue having to take insulin. All of those cats were fed canned cat food.

We will have more to say about the Catkin’s Diet soon. But for now, if your cat is eating dry food then you should take him off of that and put him on a canned food diet as soon as possible. I know from experience.

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