Who Is The Domesticated Cat And Where Did He Come From?

Who is the domesticated cat? The domesticated cat was believed to become reality way back about 4,000 years ago in Egypt. The cat was received as an invaluable species due to the fact that it went after mice and other dirty rodents.  That would enable Egyptians food supply to be free of disease and thereby cats became very sacred to them where even the act of killing a cat became a severe crime. Cats, when they died, even got the same kind of burial ritual that people got where they were mummified and placed into giant tombs with thousands of other glorified cats.

cat       The Egyptian cat was brought to Europe on ships where merchants sold them to the Europeans. From there cats managed to find a path to America. There is a family tree from today’s cat with the Egyptian cat but their genetics are different and distinct. Today’s domestic cat is a breed apart from ancestors from the past, but the domesticated cat has the same instinctive behaviors that allowed the Egyptian cats of the past to survive. This instinctive feline behavior, when understood, will help the pet owner to care of them. With the knowledge that we know of ancient cats we can make better decision on what kind of cat diet they would require and how to take care of them and their nutrient needs.

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