Feeding Cat’s Smaller, More Meals, Keeps Them Healthy

Feeding cat’s smaller, more meals, help keep them healthy. A new study recently released indicated that the simple fact of feeding your over weight cat, smaller, more frequent meals throughout the course of the day can help increase their level of activity which would thereby increase their ability to lose weight and prevent serious diseases such as feline diabetes.

cat-dietThey also found out that giving meals with water added to it also made cats become more active when they studied a group of ten fit, cats. A lot of cat owners just pour out dry food during the day and leave it at that and it causes the cat to keep going back to the food and eating and eating. This causes the cat to gain a lot of weight especially if it’s processed dry cat food which could cause severe weight gain and lead to other health diseases, including dehydration and feline diabetes.

Of course, we at Catkinsdiet.net don’t recommend any dry cat food because of the harmful effects that it can do to your cat. The study suggested that cat owners could play an active role in maintaining their cat’s weight and we agree with that, because your cat, especially your obese cat relies upon you and your judgment to feed them the best kind of food. That cat food should be wet canned food, because it will supply the needed meat and vitamins that your cat requires.

The conclusions of the study published in the Journal of Animal Science indicated that more frequent feeding of cats increases there activity based upon using dry kibble cat food with added water. Some people only feed their cat once a day and leave it at that, but we suggest, and the journal suggests to at least feed them smaller meals twice a day, but up to four times a day. Because your cat should be getting only wet canned cat food, and we know it is expensive, you should at least feed them once in the morning, and once in the late afternoon, or evening and it should be wet canned cat food.

Again, if you can, stay away from dry cat food and stick with canned cat food. But, never, not, feed your cat. If you really can’t feed your cat canned cat food because of the price and your cat is healthy enough, then at least the dry cat food is food.

Feeding cat’s smaller, more meals, help keep them healthy.

The study was published in the Journal of Animal Science.

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