How To Give Your Cat Insulin

How to Administer Insulin to a Cat

Okay, you have a cat with feline diabetes and you don’t know what to do. Don’t panic. The first thing that you should do is obviously consult with your local vet and they should show you the proper ways to inject your cat with insulin and be able to answer all of your questions. But we will go over some basics which should not replace the fact that you must talk with your vet. You veterinarian will show you the correct methods of injecting your cat but here is a quick over view.


Step one – You should already have your insulin in the refrigerator, so take it out and allow it to warm up for about two minutes.

Catkins Diet insulin







Step Two – Do not shake the solution, kind of roll it in your hands.

feline diabetes







Step Three – With a clean needle, (never used) insert it into the top of the bottle.

cat diabetes






Step Four – Pull back the plunger drawing out a little more that is necessary into the needle.

diabetic cat





Step Five – You want the air bubbles to float to the top so you should flick the side of the needle 3 to 5 times.

catkins diet








Step six – Push out the air bubbles and extra insulin back into the bottle until you see that you have reached the proper units that you veterinarian prescribed.

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Step Seven – Now, you want to make your cat as comfortable as possible so either pet him or groom him enough so that he is very








Step Eight – The areas that you will administer the injection into can be the car’s shoulders, the side of his stomach, or its flank. So pinch the cat’s skin in your selected area with your index finger and your thumb, grasping firmly.








Step Nine – Push the needle into the cat’s skin with the needle parallel to his spine and the finger at the plunger.








Step Ten – Now depress the needle’s plunger in quickly.








Step Eleven – Just camp and throw the needle into a container that should be labeled “Dangerous”, or “Sharp”.  It can be a container like a drink bottle or something that has a lid. You should ask your vet what the local laws are about disposing of sharp things like used needles. They should tell you where to go. If for some reason they don’t know, you can go to your local pharmacist and ask them, because humans have to dispose of their pointing and dangerous things also.

That was how to give your cat insulin. It is very important not to give your diabetic cat extra insulin. If for some reason that you think that you did not properly give your cat the proper dosage or anything like that make sure that you do not give your cat any more until the next time that you have to. If you give your can any extra insulin he might go into shock or worse. If you have any questions just call your local vet or 24 hour vet service. They will advise you on what to do next.

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