How Often Should You Feed Your Cat?

How often should the pet owner feed their cat? There are two types of feeding, free feeding which is just putting down a bowl of dry food and letting your cat eat whenever he or she wants during the course of the day or something called meal feeding. We at recommend meal feeding. This means that at different parts of the day you give your cat a certain amount of food as opposed to feeding them a bowl of dry food in the morning and letting your cat just eat and eat throughout the day.

catwall     The amount of cat food that you give your cat will depend on the health condition of your feline. Your cat might be overweight; therefore you would then give him not as much cat food. Your cat might have feline diabetes and you will have to give your cat the proper amount and kind of cat food. Your cat might be really hungry due to the fact that he plays all day long and is very active so you would give them a little more food.

At your cat’s meal time will give you the opportunity to watch for any changes in your cat’s appetite which could be a sign of a particular health problem that you would need to have checked out right away. If you notice any changes in your cat’s appetite or food intake it may indicate that there is a health related issue or that he or she is stressed out, which is one of the first signs of illness. If you do notice something unusual it is always a good idea to bring him to your veterinarian before changing your cat’s diet in anyway.

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