How Often Should You Feed Your Cat?


How Often Should You Feed Your Cat?

How often should you feed your cat depends upon the health, age, and well being of your favorite feline. If you feed your cat the wrong kind of cat food it could affect his overall health. If you feed him too much food then he could become fat and again his health will soon start to decline. But you can help your cat by getting him on the proper feeding routine. The food that you feed your cat should be balanced and very complete, but to answer that question of how often should you feed your cat is not as simple as it might seem.

cat-eatingFirst, the age of your cat will made a huge difference because if you have a kitten then he will need more food per the pound of his body weight then does an older cat and a little kitten should be fed more times during the course of the day. A growing cat or kitten may need to eat at least three times a day. It is generally seen that a cat that is about 6 months going into maturity will need to be fed about two times a day. When the feline reaches adulthood then you can generally cut feeding down to once per day just as long as your cat is healthy and has no kinds of health issues that would suggest giving him food differently.

Remember, that if your cat does have health issues, like feline diabetes, you may need to feed him along side insulin injections and because of that you will need to talk to your veterinarian right away because if you don’t learn the proper way and dosage to give him then it could be very dangerous for your cat. If you suspect that you gave the wrong dosage to your cat make sure to contact a veterinarian right away. Do not delay.

For problems like hyperthyroidism where your cat will want to eat all of the time you must first treat the disease and feed your cat normally. Also, if your cat has feline diabetes then there is a good chance that he wants to eat all of the time also, so make sure to consult your vet if you suspect anything out of the ordinary with your cat.

At a certain point in your cat’s age his teeth may become bad and he could have some form of gum disease where it will make it hard for him to chew his cat food and if that is the case try to mash up the wet canned food. Here at Catkins Diet we do not recommend giving your cat dry food even if you wet it. Try to give your cat wet food. Wet food has way more water in it and will make it easier for your cat to chew and also get some good H2O.

Many people feed their cat dry cat food because it is cheaper and you can just put it into a bowl and leave it out for the cat to eat all day long. But, dry food cat be very dangerous, especially the cheap stuff which can cause health problems like feline diabetes and it can also cause urinary tract blockages which can kill your cat and is very expensive to get help for it. If you must give your cat dry cat food then make sure that you have plenty of fresh water available and if you see the water bowl empty, fill it up. Your cat needs that extra water.

Canned cat food like I said, has about 80 percent water in it and many cats find the canned cat food palatable and sometimes this can cause your cat to overeat. Make sure that you don’t do what is called super-sizing the cat food. Your cats will be satisfied with just enough food you don’t need to give him too much food. If you read the directions on the can cat food it will be talking about the average cat feeding servings. But remember, every cat is different and needs different amounts of food. Some cats need less food while others need more food. It will depend on your feline. You need to make sure that your cat is not getting more calories then what he needs.

It is a good idea also to not let your cat free feed, especially if you are giving your cat a diet of dry cat food. Many cats do not have self control and they do not exercise and therefore they start to get fatter and fatter and by giving out, or free feeding your cat he can add more and more pounds that can cause real bad health problems. Generally for an adult cat one meal is okay nutritionally.

When the question comes up about how often should you feed your cat it will all depend on your schedule. You will be busier at different parts of the day. In the morning you have work and pushing he kids out the door for school, but you might find a better time to feed your cat at night, or around dinner time. But when you find a time that works for you then you should make sure that it is consistent.

For those families that have more than one cat then you might find that one cat gets done quicker than the other and then attempts to go after the others cat food. If that happens, maybe you should separate the cats and feed them in other rooms away from the temptations of their food. That always worked for me.

How often should you feed your cat, like we said, it will depend on your cat and on your schedule. But just remember to always be consistent and if you ever see something that looks out of the ordinary, make sure to just take your cat to the vet, because you don’t want to be sorry that you didn’t. Thanks.

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