The Quality of Cat Food Matters

The quality of cat food matters for your cats overall health. If you don’t know how good your cat food is it’s a good idea to check the first ingredient on the can. You need to make sure that the first ingredient of your cat canned food is either a meat or a fish then it is more likely that it is a good brand.  If the first ingredient on the canned cat food is not a meat or a fish, but instead is a rice, or corn, or soy or grain then we wouldn’t recommend that particular brand of meal.

fat catYou should also check the cat food can to see if it has a certificate for AAFO: Association of American Feed Control Officials. They make sure that the brand has at least minimum nutrient criteria for that particular brand. It is a good idea to make sure that your cats are being fed cat food that has some kind of muscle meat like turkey and chicken instead byproduct meals that are not suitable for humans. Again, we recommend the Catkins diet because it consists of an all meat diet and no carbohydrates or very little. Make sure to stay away from dry cat food because it can lead to dehydration, weight gain which would be very unhealthy for your cat.


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