What’s a Raw Cat Diet?


What’s a Raw Cat Diet? It maybe a carnivore diet but it is not the Catkins Diet by our definition. We focus on meals that you can get from cat food cans because it is the quickest and cheapest method of feeding your cat a more healthy diet that does not contain dry processed cat food. The raw cat diet is a diet that really brings it down to the very diet that cats get in nature, the raw prey diet. Well, it almost does because we really don’t recommend taking food “prey” from your environment due to different diseases or parasites that you can bring into your cat and we don’t want anymore health problems for your cat. But we will look at the raw cat food diet.

cat in the wild

cat in the wild

What’s a Raw Cat Diet?

When we look at domesticated cats that go outside part time and inside the other time, we know that sometimes they hunt small prey. This hunting will be very natural for the cat but at the same time it would be very hard for the cat to achieve a natural situation since the cat will most likely not be hunting prey in the wild, but instead in your neighborhood. So this is why so called compromises must be made for your house hold feline.

Cats are known as the “obligate” carnivore, meaning that each cat requires a diet that has other animal tissue in their cat food, this will give each feline the nutrients that they need. Besides the animal tissue cats also get the food that their prey ate, the partly ingested vegetable like foods. Each cat requires meat and other matter from other animals. This food must be FRESH or the cat can get food poisoning and become very sick or even die.

The carnivore cat needs to eat and chew this fresh raw meat and the bones in their prey to help defend against tooth decay and gum health issues.

Cats are also originally evolved from animals in desert settings. This evolution allows them to have real good kidneys where they don’t drink as much.

If you are going to introduce a raw food diet a lot of felines will refuse to eat it because they are so use to being fed cat food that are manufactured.

All food and water bowls for cats and really all animals should be ceramic because it is to avoid any harmful chemicals that would leach out into the water or cat food. And always make sure to keep the bowls very clean to avoid a possible risk of poisoning. If you notice that you cat is throwing up or has diarrhea that is can be a sign that there is some kind of unsuitable diet. Keep alert, always check out how your cat is looking and feeling. The sooner you see any symptoms, the sooner you can help your cat.

There are certain foods that are suitable for your cat:

A lot of people suggest that if you are going to be creating a diet for your cat then it should be preferably a raw Fresh meat diet. Now, it is not suggested that you give your cat any kind of pig products, like no pork, bacon, ham or any of kind of products from pigs.

But raw products like white fish, chicken, oily fish, rabbit, beef, lamb, pheasant, pigeon is suggested. With the case of feeding your cat chicken that is raw, you will have the added risk of salmonella food poisoning and like we said, it can be greatly dangerous for your cat. You should know that the place or source that you get this raw food should be reliable.

When you give your cat any kind of frozen meat make sure that you do not re freeze the fresh meat. And be careful when you feed your cat from any wild life sources because those animals can carry a very real risk of intestinal issues like tapeworms. But, if you are going to give your cat food that you captured, make sure to get your cats feces samples to your veterinarian so that they can get it checked in a laboratory as soon as possible.

animated cat

Now when it comes to feeding your cat raw fish it may contain thiaminase which is an enzyme that breaks down your cat’s Vitamin b1 (Thiamine). This applies to freshwater fish in particular, like Carp, Barb, Minnow, Chub, Dace, Goldfish, herring, prawns, mussels, shrimps, and other shellfish. If you do this make sure to cook the fish because cooking will destroy this enzyme and it will make the danger go away.

When it comes to feeding your cat bones, raw is suggested to be the best. Of course, bone is known for it source of calcium. Large bones is not recommended because the size of your cat.

If you are going for a raw feline diet then Fresh organic “offal” heart, kidney, and liver that are not from a pig.

When it comes to feeding your cat any kind of vegetables, they should be liquidized raw, and not juiced, or cooked, steamed or boiled and they can even be mashed. If you feed your cat chunks of raw veggies won’t benefit your pet because their teeth cannot macerate them enough.

Eggs are good cooked, but be careful for raw eggs.

Cats love to eat Seaweed whenever they can get some and it is a great supplement for them also.

A great source of Vitamin B, especially Vit B1 and Thiamine is something called “Brewer’s Yeast”. This can be a great treat. It can also counteract issues with raw fish and the food preservative sulphur dioxide. A side note is that it can become a flea deterrent.

There is a great source of minerals and vitamins in Herbs.

Oil is good if it is not solvent extracted like olive oil, flax oil, and sunflower oil. Also some fish oils.

It is said that cats can eat food like bread or toasted bread but remember that cats don’t really see grain starch in the wild environment, unless it comes from their prey.

When it comes to cheese or milk products, cottage cheese and yogurt are good, but pasteurized milk is not good for your cat it goes for unpasteurized sheep, cow and goats milk.

When it comes to giving your feline a raw diet it is a good idea to talk with your vet about it. They will probably have other good ideas on the proper way to prepare the diet. We will have more to day real soon.



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